With over 22 years experience working on successful architectural projects in many different sectors, architecture:nw can help you (whether you are a home owner, a commercial enterprise, educational establishment or public body) to develop the concept, prove its feasibility and then realise the building project. Read more here.

Irrespective of the project size, and time frame; architecture:nw can help you to create a built solution that turn your ideas into reality.  Have a quick look around and read of the information on this site or please use the buttons below to get in touch.

Based in Solihull, architecture:nw is an architectural practice that provides services locally to the Birmingham and West Midlands area, but is also centrally located and well placed to help clients throughout the country.  Recent projects have been completed in London, Sheffield, South Oxfordshire, Cambridge, Derby, Hampshire, as well as in the Midland counties.  Use the buttons in the image above to find out more.

See the news page for the latest updates on some of a:nw projects, or take a look at some photography and imagery on instagram, or animated visualisations on youtube.

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