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what can a:nw do for you?

A build project of any kind for even experienced clients is no small undertaking.  It will normally take a significant amount of time from inception to completion, it will take a relatively considerable amount of investment and it will mean working with many different people and organisations.  The patience, financial issues, as well as legal and contractual requirements can be daunting, and can give rise to anxiety and stress, and this can spoil what can otherwise be an exciting undertaking.

By assisting with all these aspects of a project, as well as developing the design, a good Architect can really bring added value to your project.  As well as delivering a bespoke design service, architecture:nw will provide a service to cover as much or as little of the management of the process as suits you.

In assisting with the management, you as a client are more able to sit back and derive enjoyment as your building project is realised, and the design that's been created with you is incrementally brought to life.

It is in our nature to base our decisions on what we understand and our experience.  The same is true for building projects where we often find that our ideas for change or for growth or rearrangement of our space is often limited or constrained by preconceptions based on our experience.  An Architect can help you review these preconceptions, challenge them, and unlock better spatial configurations integrated into intelligent design solutions.  By working with you, architecture:nw can help you get the best from the opportunities your project gives you to develop the additional or reconfigured space you've wanted and needed.

Architecture:nw carries Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the Architects Registration Board.  If you consider appointing a:nw, it is recommended the appointment is formalised and based upon the RIBA PSC (professional service contract) Form of Agreement for the appointment of an Architect.  You can have full confidence you will get a professional and personalised consultancy service from a:nw.

Click here to find out more from the RIBA about appointing an Architect.

how can a:nw help you?

feasibility studies

development plans

design option studies

project programming

site investigations

planning submissions

building control applications

arranging engineers and other construction consultant appointments

construction information

tendering the project

administrating the building contract

site inspections and valuation certification

Rear extension to London Edwardian Terrace House

Whole house refurbishment and extension, Edwardian terrace house, London.

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